Bandai Namco Working on Live-Action ‘Pac-Man’ Movie

pac man movie

The yellow ball that started it all is seemingly heading to the silver screen. In a new report by The Hollywood Reporter, it seems that a live-action film is in development based on Pac-Man, which sees Bandai Namco Entertainment alongside Wayfarer Sutiods, founded by Justin Baldoni and Steve Sarowitz, bringing the yellow ball to movie theaters. The arcade game Pac-Man became a staple for many arcades across the United States when he was first introduced in 1980s and has gone on to star in various games and even TV series.

It seems that the project is based off of an idea by Sonic the Hedgehog‘s Chuck Williams which will see Baldoni, Andrew Calof, and Manu Gargi produced for Wayfarer Studios. William‘s Lightbeam Entertainment is also involved with him and Tim Kwok in a producing role. There’s no word just how they’ll adapt the video game character’s first live-action film but it does seem like they are going down the route that Sega took with its mascot.

There’s still a lot we don’t know, especially if they’ll follow the cliché storyline of the being from another world lands in the real one and has to find a way home. Of course, Pac-Man’s overall design is simplistic in the original games and has gone through many variations; most notably him gaining shoes and gloves like most mascot characters over the years as he entered the 3D realm. So, we’ll have to see if this project truly comes together to get a feeling of how they’ll adapt this take on the character.

Source: Hollywood Reporter

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