Michael Mann Offers First Look at ‘Heat 2’, With the Words “Coming Soon”

heat 2

Heat was one of those heist films that left quite an impression. For many, it was quite an iconic entry of the genre that would also set the path for future films trying to imitate it. Though while many were focused on the fact that he has been working on a sequel novel by the name; teasing it also acts as a prequel, he also had recently teased that he’s working on a film based on Heat 2.

Well, it turns out that he jumped into production quite fast as Mann has shared a new picture on Twitter which seemingly hints that he already started working on filming the sequel. There’s always a chance he is making a trailer for the novel release, but given he teased that the Heat sequel is already underway just last week, it wouldn’t be surprising if he already started work on it.

The “coming soon” is an interesting surprise and in a sea of legacy sequels performing quite well at the box office, its timing couldn’t be better. Given just how long it’s been since the first film was released–1995 to be exact–there might be a crowd waiting for one of the US’ most iconic criminal dramas.

There’s no word if Al Pacino or Robert De Niro might return in one capacity or another, but a director like Mann is surely going to get together a very talented group of actors to bring the film back to theaters in style. If Top Gun Maverick is anything to go by, it’ll be interesting to see just how well this legacy sequel might perform.

Source: Twitter, Playlist

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