‘Mission Impossible’ Almost Got a Paramount+ Spinoff Series

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As many people may know, before Tom Cruise was the face of Mission Impossible, the franchise actually began as a 1960’s TV show for CBS. Reportedly, the series was almost set to return to the realm of television via Paramount+, but the show never came to be.

With Paramount+ needing to bolster its offerings to compete in the streaming wars, the obvious answer is to create sequels, spin-offs and reboots to their biggest franchises. Naturally, Mission Impossible is of course a prime candidate. The streamer reportedly wanted Tom Cruise‘s production company to develop a show in the same universe, but it never came to be, likely because of the release disputes over MI:7. The production crew was also pitched a Days of Thunder show, also as a streaming exclusive, but that one fizzled out as well.

With Paramount+ definitely needing content when compared to the juggernauts like Disney, HBO, and Netflix, these potentially large and exciting projects must be a tear in their plans. While the shows aren’t going forward right now, things are constantly changing in the industry. Maybe another opportunity will arise after Mission Impossible 7 releases next year.

Source: Hollywood Reporter

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