EXCLUSIVE: John Harvatine IV and Seth Green On Developing the Unique Animation Style in ‘Crossing Swords’ Season 2

In an exclusive interview, John Harvatine IV and Seth Green discuss the unique animation style of Crossing Swords for Season 2.

In a world that’s become almost infested with adult animated comedies, it’s becoming harder and harder to stand out amongst them all. The first show to really present a unique style was Robot Chickens’ stop-motion animation style. Robot Chicken writers Tom Root and John Harvatine IV definitely took a page out of that book when developing Crossing Swords, with the show’s unique style revolving completely around peg people, and pushing the limits with what they could do with this limited style. 

We recently had the chance to chat with Root and Harvatine about the upcoming second season, and one thing we were curious about was the show’s animation style, and how they went about improving it and trying out new things.

I think this season what was fun and what we were looking to do was more practical effects, like more in camera stuff. We really liked last season how we used fiber-fill and hot glue, and things like that. This season we pushed it, we did even more of it, so I think visually going into the season we really wanted to do as much in camera and as little in the computer as possible, so that was something we wanted to do and I think we achieved.

John Harvatine IV

Executive producer and voice of Blinkerquatz, Seth Green, added a bit more on how they evolved the animation style of the series.

Also we were able to use a lot of the motion control rigs to get some far more dynamic cinematography then we’ve had before.

Seth Green

Using peg people to make a series is not an easy task. However, Crossing Swords continues to push the envelope on its animation style. Fans will be able to see more of what Harvatine IV and Green mean when Season 2 of Crossing Swords drops on Dec. 10, exclusively on Hulu.

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