‘Moon Knight’: The Midnight Man Cameo Explained

With the third episode of Moon Knight now available, we break down the late Gaspard Ulliel’s cameo as Anton Mogart.

Moon Knight has been carving out its own story without relying on its comic book history to create a world to explore. Because of that, many classic characters from Moon Knight comics are either not present in the series or take the form of smaller cameos. Episode 3 just revealed another example of a classic Moon Knight character appearing in a subtle way. As with others, it may simply be a nod to the comics, but it might also tease the character’s return in the future.

Marvel Studios’ ‘Moon Knight’ Episode 3

Episode 3 introduces us to the late Gaspard Ulliel‘s Anton Mogart. Better known as the villain Midnight Man, Mogart in the comics was originally a rather corny costumed art and jewel thief who always struck at midnight. Very early on in Moon Knight lore, Mogart was seemingly killed, but actually survived but with a melted and deformed face. He returns, having been driven insane, to work with Moon Knight’s greatest villain Bushman. While he eventually dies many years later, his son Jeff Wilde (calling himself Midnight) becomes Moon Knight’s sidekick for a brief time before also becoming a villain.

Moon Knight

In Moon Knight, there is no mention of “Midnight Man,” but Anton Mogart is a significant figure in the episode. He is a very wealthy and connected man with an elaborate collection of black market artifacts, such as Senfu’s sarcophagus that Marc and Layla came to see. Layla notes that he keeps these things where only he can see them—in the comics, Mogart stole precious items just to own them rather than for the money. We last see Ulliel’s Mogart get hit by one of Moon Knight’s crescents. Whether that was fatal to the villain is ambiguous. There is certainly room for Mogart to return in Moon Knight or in future projects.

The first three episodes of Moon Knight are now streaming on Disney+.

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