‘Ms. Marvel’ BTS Set Photos Reveal Kamala Khan’s Inner Fangirl

Just today, we got our first look at Iman Vellani as the young hero Kamala Khan. Marvel Studios just recently started shooting the brand new Disney+ series, so finally, we got a look at the show. Well, it looks like that is not all. It seems that the sequence was earlier in the day for a Halloween-themed episode. Some more set pictures got released that show young Kamala fully decked out in probably the best Captain Marvel costume I’ve ever seen. She comes fully equipped with a light-up Mohawk so you know for sure who she is a fan of the iconic character.

Check out the photos at Just Jared.

Remember the pictures of people covering costumes in the last article? Well, it looks like those might’ve been them preparing for this specific stunt. She is climbing on the exact same rooftop that we saw earlier. She also has her bicycle helmet on her backpack, so we know this might be the same day. Her friend, who looks like it could be Mitchell Hope, is also in costume as Bruce Banner. He is still wearing his bicycle helmet from earlier yet the lights seem to be a new addition.

There is also the question of why she seems to be breaking into someone’s house. She might be visiting her friend Nakia, who didn’t join them on Halloween, or she just really wants to prank someone for not sharing candy with them. Of course, it could also be a rebellious Kamala trying to go out for Halloween against her families’ wishes. No matter what, this costume is genius as it is a nice tribute to the comics when Kamala accidentally turned into Carol Danvers after her powers activated. Plus, it just reconfirms that she is a huge fan of the character even in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. I really hope we get some more showcases of these shows in the near future as we wait for WandaVision to finally kick-off the MCU’s fourth phase.

Source: Just Jared

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