‘Ms. Marvel’: Yasmeen Fletcher Confirms Nakia Will Wear a Hijab in the Disney+ Series

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Ms. Marvel still has no release date, but recent rumors are hinting at a February premiere. It’ll introduce the world to Marvel’s first Muslim-American superhero and explore her life in New Jersey. In December of last year, we found out that Yasmeen Fletcher will play Kamala Khan’s best friend Nakia Bahadir. The character famously wears a hijab in the comics and as we still haven’t seen any footage of the character, there was some concern if they’ll stay true to this important cultural aspect. Luckily, we may finally have an answer.

The actress has taken to Instagram to discuss the recent controversy of the Emmys and its choice of winners. In her comments, a user asked her about the upcoming Disney+ show and if her character Nakia will be wearing a hijab. She gave a direct answer to these concerns and confirms that this character is important to her and the impact she might have with younger viewers.

It’s great that she confirmed it and is also personally invested in the character’s portrayal. We’re still hoping for some hint at the upcoming series outside of the sizzle reel that was released during Disney’s Investors Day. Here’s hoping we might get our first look at the character in Disney+ Day’s special that was teased earlier today. Marvel Studios has actively explored cultural and political storylines to further expand and showcase the diversity within the franchise that matches its viewers. Shang-Chi proves the success of these projects and they might continue to build upon the franchise’s future.

Source: Instagram

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