New ‘She-Hulk’ Crew Merch Hints at Season 2

she hulk season 2

Marvel Studios has been tight-lipped on what series gets an additional season with future Disney+ series like Moon KnightShe-Hulk, and more. While rumors have been hinting at Loki getting one made the rounds early on, it wasn’t until the final episode that we got the confirmation. The only exception was What If…?, where interviews confirmed early on that they already had episodes planned. Well, it looks like we can add the She-Hulk series to that list as some of the crew merch has found its way online, and it may have revealed that a second season may be in development.

Instagram user yayforzig shared the crew merch we saw some time ago with Hulk owning a little bar. While their focus is on the shoes in most images, they offer a close-up of the hat on the fourth image. Here we see the top cover for the bag of stickers, which features a thank you message from Jessica Gao. What stands out is that under the show’s logo, you can see “Season One!” highlighted.

Interestingly, they would highlight this being the first season without an official sequel season announced. Plus, if this got planned as a mini-series there would be no reason to highlight it. As such, it seems that there may have already been plans in place to add additional seasons in the future. The legal comedy is a perfect set-up to explore multiple storylines featuring iconic heroes and villains from MCU’s history. We likely won’t get the confirmation until the final episode drops sometime next year, but it’s a motivating hint that some of the Marvel Disney+ shows are here to stay.

Source: Instagram

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