Mysterious ‘What If…?’ Supreme Leader Funko Pop Turns Out to Be Transformed Doctor Strange

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We’ve had quite some fun trying to decipher who exactly was the Funko Pop titled “Supreme Leader.” At first, we believed it was What If..?‘s Ultron given his new status and ownership of the Infinity Stones. Yet, it turned out he was simply given the name “Infinity Ultron” before getting released. So, we’ve been wondering who the mysterious and unannounced New York Comic Con Funko might end up being. Finally, the wait is over, as we got our first look at the character and it is actually Doctor Strange Supreme, but the version possessed by the different beasts and demons he’s absorbed.

It’s a great addition to the quite diverse line-up of Funko’s for the Disney+ series. What If…?‘s anthology approach did open up the doors for some creative releases. Of course, the most popular and available Funko Pops involved the zombie episode. There’s something fun about the fact that Marvel Studios added these horror staples into the mostly family-friendly franchise.

We recently saw the zombified version of Captain America appear in Avengers Campus. It makes you wonder if they’ll go all out and include the transformed Doctor Strange at some point. It would make for an imposing addition during Halloween to see Strange mid-transformation, as he tries to find someone at the park to help him return back to normal. It makes you wish you were at the campus during the season of horror to see what they’ll try out.

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