‘What If…?’ Zombie Captain America Spotted at Avengers Campus

Here’s a fun surprise. Marvel Studios has been promoting their various films and Disney+ series through the Avengers Campus at Disneyland Resort. Throughout Loki‘s run on the streaming service, you could spot the character alongside some TVA agents. With each new episode, his costume would continue to change. It created a nice synergy to cross-promote the show and Disneyland attraction. We heard very little about any appearances for their first animated project What If…? but it seems they just waited for the right opportunity. Twitter user @danyeal shared a video from the park as a zombified Captain America makes his debut.

The costume looks amazing and highlights that Marvel Studios might see the potential in the Zombie concept. It makes sense they’d kick it off with Captain America, as he was the main advertised character. Plus, while it was odd they didn’t include it during What If…?‘s release window, revealing the zombified versions of our favorite heroes during Halloween is a perfect idea. Who knows if we get others joining Captain America in the near future.

It’s also crazy to think how they managed to make a classic R-rated concept work so well in a family-friendly environment. Not just that, it also shows how well the concept can get translated into live-action. So, if they do manage to expand the concept in the MCU beyond just an animated episode, here’s a proof of concept that they can make the jump to live-action in a film or series. Of course, we might not get the usual bloody action like in other zombie movies, but that’s not always necessary to tell a compelling story.

Source: Twitter

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