John Ridley’s Batman Mini-Series to Impact The Future of the Character

Enough about games and movies, let’s talk a bit more about comics. The Hollywood Reporter got a chance to sit down with DC’s Jim Lee to discuss the future of the company. Many have been worried after it was announced that WarnerMedia was laying off up to 600 employees, downsizing the company by 20%, that the comic department would be hit especially hard. Senior editors were already let go, so the uncertainty could have larger implications for the industry. Lee was quick to point out that they will remain in the comic industry and that no work has been halted.

While discussing the future of the comics, he also teased the importance of John Ridley‘s involvement with Batman. He is currently involved with various projects in the DC Universe. He is a contributor to the Batman: The Joker War Zone anthology with the art of Olivier Coipel. The Oscar-winner also is behind the upcoming DC Black Label mini-series The Other History of the DC Universe. This will reframe iconic moments of DC history from the eyes of heroes from disenfranchised groups. According to Jim Lee, his addition to the Batman mythology will have a large impact on the character’s future. It is always intriguing when what seems to be a smaller story will actually have a much bigger role moving forward.

The Oscar-winner has quite a history with comics, as he wrote The Authority in 2004 and collaborated on the limited series The American Way. It’s great to see DC Comics as a steady rock within Warner Bros. Even during these trying times, they seem to be keeping their eyes on the future. They are also bringing back the Milestone label to offer more spotlight to under-represented heroes and creators. It’s a new era for DC and it looks like a lot of interesting things are heading or way.

Source: The Hollywood Reporter, Business Insider, DC Comics

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