DCU Originals Migrate to HBO Max

The launch of DC Universe was something special and unprecedented: taking one brand under a single roof from comics, movies, tv, and their most ambitious venture, the originals. At launch DC Universe began a weekly release of their first original series Titans and had begun on the third season of the fan favorite animated series Young Justice. From their DCU began to announce more such as the Titans spinoff Doom Patrol, Swamp Thing, Harley Quinn, Stargirl, and Bizarro World. Since the launch of HBO Max and the news that many of DC Universe’s originals would begin streaming elsewhere the future of the service to be cast in doubt.

Today, to the surprise of no one, it was confirmed by DC comics CCO Jim Lee that the originals would be migrating from DCU to a new home: HBO Max. To those that have been living under a rock, hints of this have been becoming more and more obvious. Doom Patrol, which streamed on both DCU and HBO Max, should’ve been the biggest attention grabber for most as it seems like Warnermedia may have been testing the waters for a pilgrimage of sorts. HBO Max will become the new homes of many fan favorite shows such as Young Justice and Swamp Thing that will join Doom Patrol and Harley Quinn . Also available on the service will be Titans where it’ll most likely debut it upcoming third season.

The best course of action would be to develop ‘DC Universe’ into a digital comic library and possibly begin to offer exclusive digital issues for subscribers of the service. Right now DCU is holding on tight to what could be some of HBO Max’s biggest persuaders such as the ever popular Batman: The Animated Series, Batman Beyond, Teen Titans, both animated Justice League Series, and a vast library of animated features that could really beef up the DC Library on Max. The end is nigh for DC universe, whether it cease to exist or be rendered a virtual library of comics for subscribers, it’ll be sad to see lose a lot of what made it so great.

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