FIRST LOOK: MSTR Watches Spider-Man Ambassador X

MSTR watches already had a great lineup of Marvel watches and now they’ve upped their game with the limited release of the Spider-Man Ambassador X.

The watch, which like EVERY OTHER one of their line of Marvel watches, is likely to sell out very quickly, can be purchased at their website for $100. I was lucky enough to get my hands on one to review and share with you guys.

As you all know by now, I am nothing if not a Collector and as such, the presentation of the product begins with the packaging and MSTR comes out swinging right away.

The outer box has a simple, classic Marvel logo but once you open up the inner box, you’re greeted with the Spider-Signal logo, making this a great looking storage container.

The watch itself is a glorious testament to the web slinger, showing both the Spider-Signal logo and Spidey’s spider logo on its face. The timepiece itself is both scratch and water resistant and comes with a comfortable and interchangeable 20mm wide rubber wrist band with a u-buckle.

The watch stands out and will absolutely strike up a conversation with your friends. I’ve been wearing it for a while now and it’s lightweight, comfortable, looks awesome and still manages to do what it was meant to do: tell time. With only 250 in existence, you’ll want to web one up for yourself before you miss out. Head over to and check out their entire line of Marvel watches!


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