Netflix’s ‘COWBOY BEBOP’ Gets November Release Alongside First Look at Series

netflix cowboy bebop

After a long wait and some teases, we finally got our first true look at Netflix’s upcoming adaptation of Cowboy Bebop. Not only that, but we also get the confirmation that the series will get released on the streaming service on November 19th, which will follow the adventures of John Cho‘s Spike, Daniella Pineda‘s Faye, and Mustafa Shakir‘s Jet Black. We even get a look at the space-traveling corgi Ein, which gives us a good sense of how much the first season will explore. The first look at the cast is great, as they’ve brought the original designs to life in a greater fashion. Faye got a slight redesign with the core aspects of her original design present.

There are some really interesting reveals, as we get a shot of Spike in a church, which might tease Vicious appearance in the first season. Alex Hassel was cast in the role of the series’ main antagonist, who is a cornerstone of our space cowboy’s past. The images are mostly focused on their planet-based adventures with some glimpses of the iconic ship. It’s uncertain how much will be spent in space and if we get any episodes that primarily feature space battles. It wouldn’t be the same without them and Netflix would have the budget to bring these types of stories to life. Here’s hoping we get the first trailer in the coming week, as they start rolling out the promotion for the series November release. See you Space Cowboys!

Source: Twitter, Variety

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