‘Thunderbolt’s Hannah John-Kamen Teases Ghost’s Biggest Challenge as Part of a Team

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The reaction to the new Thunderbolts line-up has certainly been interesting but there’s some exciting news in seeing some returning faces. Not only do we get a few cast members from the Black Widow film which will give us a chance to further flesh out this interpretation of Taskmaster but also Ava Starr, who is better known as Ghost. We haven’t seen Hannah John-Kamen in the role since 2018’s Ant-Man and the Wasp with many wondering what future she might have in the franchise.

Now that we have an answer, it’s even more surprising to see Ghost return as part of a team considering she mostly worked solo. After D23, John-Kamen got a chance to tease the character’s biggest challenge as part of the Thunderbolts team. We know the character as a lone wolf and it looks like human contact outside of her caregiver Bill Foster is going to be quite the challenge.

Well, she doesn’t like to be touched. So, that’s going to be interesting. She’s quite socially…Well, she’s not social. She grew up in the vat, so she’s never had human contact with anyone. It’s going to be interesting for Ghost to connect.

Hannah John-Kamen

Ghost was one of the most exciting additions, especially in how unique her move set is. We don’t know if they truly found a way to stabilize her abilities in some way. It initially seemed like they were trying to heal her but with people disappearing as a result of the Blip we may also find out what happened to her. Plus, who knows why she’s part of the team and where Foster might show up again, if not in this film.

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