David Harbour Teases “Drama and Comedy” in ‘Thunderbolts’

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Thunderbolts was only recently announced at San Diego Comic-Con but Marvel Studios didn’t waste any time giving us a tease of the film’s mixed batch of unlikely teammates. Sebastian Stan’s Bucky and Florence Pugh‘s Yelena are in for a lifetime challenge by trying to keep a functioning team consisting of Taskmaster, Red Guardian, the returning Ghost, and US Agent. While many hoped for a more diverse group of powers, the dynamic seems promising.

Shortly after D23’s Marvel Studios panel, ComicBook.com’s Brandon Davis got a chance to talk to some of the cast visiting the event. During that time, he highlighted what we can expect from the dynamic of this unlikely team and Red Guardian himself, David Harbour, took the chance to tease that the film will have “drama and comedy” based on the characters that have to interact alone.

I mean I think they’re all difficult people who have many weaknesses. And as you may know, I certainly do, if you put a bunch of people with various weaknesses together: there’s often drama and comedy. So, I think you can expect both of those things.

David Harbour

It definitely sounds like the team is in for quite a difficult time, and that might be the big selling point of this story. While the Thunderbolts have served many purposes in the comics, they are going down a more anti-hero route. It likely is the best way to also make it stand out from Suicide Squad, which is likely the direct comparison made throughout the film’s promotional campaign, as it was a project focused on villains that were forced to work together. Of course, we’ve only seen a single image and have no idea about any details.

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