Alaqua Cox on Maya’s Journey in ‘Echo’

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Alaqua Cox broke ground as the first Indigenous character in the MCU and continued to blaze a trail when it was announced that her character, Maya Lopez, would be getting her own series, Echo. Last seen in Hawkeye, Maya went on the run after falling out with Fra Fee’s Kazi and Vincent D’Onofrio’s Wilson Fisk, apparently killing them both.

Maya’s actions will certainly have consequences and a D23 exclusive first look at Echo showed that Fisk survived and has somehow hunted down Maya, who has sought refuge with family. In an interview at D23 with Phase Zero, Cox detailed where Maya went, what she’s up to there and teased the return of Kingpin.

Maya’s actions are leading her to Oklahoma. To reconnect with her Indigenous roots and find the definition of family and community. But we don’t know about Kingpin yet…

Alaqua Cox

The first look at Echo showed that not only will Maya be reconnecting with her living family, but also going on a vision quest that will connect her to her ancestors. The trailer showed a much more physically violent Maya and may have hinted at her character acquiring a new power, while showcasing its large Indigenous cast. With Charlie Cox set to appear and rumors that it will dovetail into Daredevil: Born Again, Echo is shaping up to be a ca n’t-miss for fans.

Source: Phase Zero

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