Netflix’s ‘One Piece’ Adds ‘Pirates of the Caribbean’s Ian McShane

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While there are still some characters that we don’t know if they’ll appear in the first season of One Piece, we still have quite the cast of characters. We will meet many familiar faces from East Blue across the (hopefully) first season. Though, there’s a surprising addition that we may have not considered making the transition from manga to live-action. It seems the mysterious narrator will remain a fixture in this adaptation of One Piece.

The big surprise is that the narrator will be played by probably the most well-known actor in the cast. Netflix’s press release includes the mention of Ian McShane voicing the role. The iconic actor marks the first Pirates of the Caribbean addition to the cast, as he famously played Blackbeard in On Stranger Tides. He also is quite famous for his role in the John Wick franchise and Deadwood.

We will see just how big his role might be, as there’s a chance the narrator only appears in the opening if it replicates the original series. Though, they may have him be a recurring voice throughout, as the narrator tended to appear at random times throughout the manga’s run. It definitely is a great addition and an easy way to have a very recognizable addition to the cast without having to fly him in to shoot scenes. Perhaps they also know who the narrator is at a later point.

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