New Art Book May Hint at ‘Hogwarts Legacy’ Release Date

hogwarts legacy release date

There’s been a lot of debate if Warner Bros.’s open-world game, Hogwarts Legacy, would even manage its 2022 release window as news died down quickly on the project. Then, industry insider Tom Henderson hinted that the State of Play may arrive to confirm a summer release date for the game. While we’re still waiting for that rumored event – especially with the recent State of Play only focused on the next Gran Turismo release – there’s a chance that a book release offered some more hints at the game’s release.

As first noticed by The Rowling Library, Jody Revenson, who worked on other Wizarding World tie-in books, has tackled the art book for the upcoming Warner Bros. game titled The Art and Making of Hogwarts Legacy. What stands out is that the publication under the ISBN 9781647226190 was already given a release date. The book includes the release date of September 6th, which would potentially hint at the game also finding its way into stores around the same time. So, there’s a chance that it adds some validity to a potential summer release date.

Of course, nothing is final until we get an official statement but it’s a positive sign that we’ll get to see the release this year. The idea of being able to explore Hogwarts at your own leisure as a student sounds like a great time. We still know very little about the project, but it makes you wonder if we might see something similar to Rockstar’s Bully game. You have to explore the campus in-between lessons as you develop your abilities as a wizard. The potential is exciting and hopefully, it can deliver.

Source: Rowling Library

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