HBO Max Not Moving Forward With ‘The Boondocks’ Reboot

the boondocks reboot

Here’s some rather depressing news, as it looks like Huey and Riley Freeman sadly won’t be returning to reboot the iconic animated franchise, The Boondocks. Originally, HBO Max ordered two seasons of the classic series from the original creator Aaron McGruder in cooperation with Sony Pictures Animation. They were going to launch the 24-episodes in the fall of 2020 with a 50-minute special. We were going to revisit the “Civil Rights Legend” Robert Freeman and his grandsons Huey and Riley, as they moved to the community in suburban Maryland before it gets taken over by Uncle Ruckes and a strange neo-fascist regime.

There is some good news here, as Sony Pictures is not ignoring the project and is looking for alternatives to release the reboot. The original series ran from 2005 until 2014 on Adult Swim and went on to win a Peabody Award. McGruder was going to return as showrunner alongside Mainstay Entertainment’s Norm Aladjem. Boondocks veteran Cedric Yarbrough recently hinted at the show potentially being passed on on the Geekset Podcast.

I hate to say this…right now the show is not coming back. We’ve been wanting to do the show and Sony and its…they decided they’re going to pull the plug,” he told the podcast host Rudy Strong. “Hopefully one day we’ll be able to revisit it…I wish the show was coming back

Cedric Yarbrough

Sony still actively looking for a home is promising for the reboot’s future. It’s uncertain how far the project has gotten before HBO Max decided to pass on it. So, we’ll see what the future has in store for the series. It’s quite the cult favorite and it wouldn’t be surprising for someone interested in bringing the iconic franchise back.

Source: Deadline

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