‘God of War Ragnarok’ Dethrones ‘The Last of Us Part II’ as PlayStation’s Fastest-Selling Debut

god of war ragnarok sales

God of War was already a huge game when it sold 3.1M copies in three days back in 2018 rivaled by Marvel’s Spider-Man‘s 3.3M. It took until The Last of Us: Part 2 two years later to take the top spot with four million copies sold in three days. Well, it seems that the franchise has taken the top spot away, as God of War: Ragnarok has managed to sell 5.1M copies in its launch week and has been announced as PlayStation’s fastest-selling first-party launch ever. These sales are a combination of both PlayStation 4 and 5 entries as of its launch on November 13th. Sadly, we can’t give a direct comparison with no further details shared on how they performed throughout the full week.

Still, the game has been doing numbers and it definitely looks like Santa Monica Studio might have to start working on the third entry soon. The game had some of PlayStation#s biggest marketing campaigns, such as an ad featuring Ben Stiller, John Travolta, LeBron James, and more in a room to promote the game. God of War is a rare continuation of a classic trilogy that managed to use familiar elements but still stands out as a very distinct game. Instead of his usual revenge-filled path, Kratos is responsible for his son after the passing of his wife Faye and finds himself on a journey that forces him to face Norse gods. Ragnarok signals the end of the Norse saga with teases of the future entries exploring other pantheons still making the rounds.

Source: Twitter, GameSpot

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