New Concept Art Reveals Scrapped and Gory Deaths in ‘Doctor Strange 2’

A Brand new concept art from Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness has caused quite a stir among fans. The artwork reveals an intense, graphic scene that wasn’t in the final cut of the film, as it showcases the death of our beloved Wong with his brain scattered on the ground. That is not all, as it also includes Mordo with a huge scratch mark on his face after fighting Scarlet Witch.

The level of detail in the concept art is sure to leave a lasting impression and has fans speculating about what the movie would have looked like if this stayed as part of the original vision. This new piece provides a glimpse into the intense world of Doctor Strange and certainly leaves us wondering what mature Marvel films will be able to offer to viewers in the future.

The head from Mordo is actually part of a deleted sequence that would’ve featured the Scarlet Witch decapitating the 616 version of the character as her way to intimidate Strange. It definitely would’ve made for an interesting way to set up the character but also would limit the use of Mordo in future projects as a result.

It’s definitely interesting to see just how much Multiverse of Madness has changed since its original vision. We don’t know if the decapitation was part of Scott Derrickson’s original take on the character or if this is more in line with Sam Raimi‘s usual gory take on horror. It’s not uncommon for early versions of the scripts and artwork to push the boundary as much as possible, but it makes you wonder what didn’t make it past the brainstorming stage.

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