Blade Production Delayed Indefinitely Due to Writers Strike

The WGA strike is ongoing and an essential milestone to ensure the industry’s future. It naturally was going to hit quite a few productions, especially going by how the TV landscape was shaped the last time it happened. Marvel Studios is famous for experimenting and trying out different elements while filming, which relies heavily on the writer being present on set and working alongside the creatives to bring the project to life. So, it’s no surprise that Marvel Studios’ Blade which was set to start production next month is put on hold indefinitely.

As of now, this is likely the first tentpole release affected by the strike and it’s good to see Marvel Studios hold back rather than force a production. Cast and crew members have seemingly been notified this afternoon and the pre-production will be shut down. Nic Pizzolatto of True Detective fame joined but an insider stated “time simply ran out” before they could get the camera rolling. They also highlight that production will not start until the strike is over, which could take months and once again postpone the release.

There’s no word if the other productions will be hit in the same way, but for now, it does seem likely they’ll be gearing down some of the projects due to the writer’s strike. Marvel Studios is likely not going to say anything about it but the Disney+ releases might slow down productions as they also require a writer on set, but there’s no word as of now. The only film production likely to finish is Captain America: New World Order. Thunderbolts and Fantastic Four are seemingly going to get pushed back as a result.

Source: The Hollywood Reporter

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