New DCEU Promo Teaser Offers First Full Look at ‘Black Adam’s Justice Society of America

black adam justice society of america

It was during the first DC Fandome when Dwayne Johnson confirmed that his upcoming film, Black Adam, would feature the Justice Society of America. The team was one of the first superhero teams to come together in the golden age of comics. This film will finally be their big-screen debut after multiple TV appearances. The upcoming roster will consist of Hawkman, Doctor Fate, Atom Smasher, and Cyclone and a new promo gave us our first official look at their costumes.

The first reveal is of the film’s take on Hawkman, as he extends his wings to fully reveal his gold and maroon color scheme. The character is quite accurate to his comic counterpart with the winged helmet and all. Now we just need to see his iconic mace.

The next one is the team’s veteran member, Doctor Fate. He is the DCEU’s equivalent to the Sorcerer Supreme. Perhaps the most interesting detail of the suit is that the Helmet of Fate appears to not have any eye slits. Maybe they’ll work in some details during post-production, possibly having them glow yellow, but it’s a curious update on the design.

Atom Smasher is here barreling through the streets in his iconic comic-accurate look, featuring his blue and yellow color scheme with a bronze belt. The mask features white eyes, something we don’t tend to see too often in comic book adaptions, but it’ll surely please fans.

The final look is of Quintessa Swindels‘ Cyclone, the granddaughter of the first Red Tornado who possesses wind-like abilities. The character is sporting a green armored dress look, reminiscent of her comic counterparts.

The designs look great and we can’t wait to see them in action. In the teaser, it does seem like Doctor Fate is trying to convince Black Adam of joining their side and may have offered our first glimpse at the film’s direction. It is currently set to hit theaters on July 29th, 2022.

Source: Youtube

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