‘Jurassic World’ Kicks Off Strong Internationally As ‘Top Gun Maverick’ Passes $200M in the US

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Top Gun Maverick will end the day passing $200M as it pulled in a powerful Wednesday with $14.8M, which is a 6% drop. An incredible weekday takes and highlights the power this film has on the word-of-mouth side. It already passed the original’s domestic box office, which stood at $180.2M, and Mission: Impossible‘s $180.9M. Internationally, the film is already on its way towards $400M and may even pass $500M by Sunday. So, it’ll definitely be a contender for the top release for the summer.

The film has seen a younger draw, which is great in addition to the older main crowd, and is now enjoying the fact that 46% of schools closed and 88% of colleges went on break. Its only main competitor that might take a big chunk out of its box office will be the upcoming Jurassic World: Dominion. Speaking of, the film has already pulled in $16.7M on Thursday and is on its way to potentially pull in $50M+ over the weekend internationally.

It’s only available in a few markets and will release in 44 more once June 10th rolls around. It had a huge opening over in South Korea, and the film is likely to be a big competitor this year. Surprisingly, the only European market it released in was Italy, where it is 75% ahead of Fallen Kingdom. Top Gun is still performing strong internationally, but it may take a bite once it truly releases fully next week. It’s going to be quite interesting to see two giant releases once again compete for the market, which hasn’t been seen at this size since before the pandemic.

Source: Deadline (Top Gun), Twitter, Deadline (Jurassic World)

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