Kevin Feige Shares Why ‘Ms. Marvel’ Became a Disney+ Show

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Disney+ has become a way for Marvel Studios to further explore different stories that they may otherwise not have had the chance to do so. The Marvel Cinematic Universe is expanding in interesting ways with new characters getting introduced to further expand the potential stories to tell on the small and big screen. Yet, we never fully know when and who gets the cinematic or streaming treatment.

In the series’ official press event, Marvel Studios CEO Kevin Feige talks about why they generally decided to tackle Kamala Khan and how they’ve been asked to bring her to live-action ever since the initial comic was released.

Why not I say! I mean, honestly, at Marvel, it is such a privileged, because not only are there reinterpretations every few years of existing wonderful characters. Every once in a while, almost every decade or so, there’s a new character that comes around that catches the audience’s imagination. This character clearly did that and as I said to some people on the red carpet last night: Almost form the first few issues, people started asking us in environments like this when is Kamala Khan coming.

Kevin Feige

He goes on to highlight that it was part of their plans to introduce her through Disney+ and set up an appearance in a feature film, which we now know is The Marvels. Not just that, but Feige also revealed what his true goal is with these series and introducing new characters to the franchise.

So, t always seemed inevitable in a great way that we would be able to do it. When Disney+ came around, it really us the opportunity to do what we really wanted to do and tell her full story in six episodes and have her transition into a feature. [..] I am so proud of bringing new characters to the screen and not just telling reinterpretations of characters that people have seen for decades and decades. And I think that’s important. I want people who never even considered a Marvel Studios feature before to be excited and watch this show.

Kevin Feige

Of course, he also jokingly adds for them to watch the others, which isn’t uncommon. There are people that find themselves introduced into the franchise through a specific new series, and that becomes their gateway to explore the Marvel Cinematic Universe. We learned back in May that an Egyptian director Mohamed Diab stated that his home country saw Moon Knight as their Black Panther, which highlights what Marvel Studios is currently accomplishing with these projects.

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