New ‘Spider-Man: No Way Home’ Posters Offer Closer Look New Green Goblin Design.

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With Spider-Man: No Way Home’s marketing now starting to kick into gear, we’re beginning to see more marketing material for the threequel. The Twitter accounts of GSC Cinemas in Malaysia and Sony Pictures Japan shared three new official posters for the upcoming. The two posters coming from Malaysia feature Spidey and Doctor Strange prominently alongside the many multiversal elements.

The Japanese poster, however, includes a rather curious new detail, as while Doc Ock’s arms are also feature as they have done in other posters, one element has changed. Green Goblin is hovering in the background on his Goblin Glider. Yet, if you take a closer look it’s a version we briefly were teased about in the latest trailer, where he has left his iconic mask behind. The Japanese poster uses the multiversal elements sublimely to create a seeming Mirror Dimension border with Electro at its core. We even get a tease of the Lizard’s shadow.

The focus on much of the marketing so far has been clearly suggesting the multiversal origins of these villains. It is revealed “they all die fighting Spider-Man” in their universes, as highlighted in the trailer. This presents a scenario where he will likely feel responsible for these villains’ deaths if they get sent back to their own universes. Attempting to save these villains is a very Peter Parker thing to do. With tickets set to go on sale soon, it’s exciting to think about how close we are getting to the film’s release and being able to see it for ourselves! 

Sources: Twitter, Twitter

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