Olivia Wilde Set to Direct ‘SPIDER-WOMAN’

According to Deadline, highly sought-after director Olivia Wilde has agreed to develop what they believe to be Sony’s solo Spider-Woman film. The report indicates that Wilde will helm a female-centric solo project, but the trade was unable to confirm which. However, they do note that Rachel O’Connor is on board as executive producer and, as I explained earlier in the year, O’Connor is a part of the team developing Spider-Woman along with Amy Pascal.

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The character rights to Jessica Drew/Spider-Woman are shared between Sony and Disney, so until clarification is given on the subject, it will always remain a point of great fan interest if this film is going to be a joint production, along the lines of the recent Spider-Man films, or if Sony is going to go it alone, a move which would likely see the character done dirty.

Spider-Woman currently has no set release date but could be in theaters by 2022.

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