Rumor: Kaya Scodelario may be in Amazon’s ‘LORD OF THE RINGS’

I know, I know… you’re probably asking what am I doing writing a Lord of The Rings piece when you’re used to seeing me write about MCU stuff? Well, you may have noticed Murphy’s Multiverse has been doing some very important growing by adding more writers and an equally important expanding of interests lately. This is because, as Charles has said, it’s truly meant to be a “multiverse” here. The writers are encouraged to cover what they care about most, not simply as “scoopers” or as reporters, but as fans. 

As a pretty much lifelong fan of Lord of the Rings, one of my most anticipated projects coming up, aside from any Marvel films and series, is the television series based on the books that’s being produced by Amazon. So I plan to cover that series from time to time here.

First up, some fan detective work over at @theoneringnet Twitter has uncovered evidence that actress Kaya Scodelario (most noted from The Maze Runner and the Pirates of the Carribean franchise) just might have part in the new Lord of the Rings TV series. Twitter account speculated Kaya was most likely traveling to New Zealand due to the 27 hour trip from UK where, of course, Lord of the Rings is filming. Other posts on Kaya’s Instagram just a few weeks earlier seemed to point to her planning to leave the UK, moving, and not returning to “Blighty” until next year some time.

Supporting this theory, was a post by Instagram user @kayascodnews who shared a very interesting image that Kaya had posted and then, even more interestingly, deleted, of a going away image made up by some of her friends.

Scodelario certainly has some Elfish qualities about her and bears a striking resemblance to Arwen (played by Liv Tyler in LOTR), leading some to speculate she could be playing Arwen’s mother Celebrían. But this is all of course fan theory, especially without knowing for sure that she’s actually in this new Lord of the Rings series.

And while I agree, I certainly think she could be in the LOTR series, she could instead simply be moving there early to eventually work on the Resident Evil reboot she is believed to have signed up to do (as first reported by Daniel Richtman back in early April via his Patreon, and picked up by other sites). But there has also been no word on where and when Resident Evil will film as of late. At least not that I have found. So a statement from @theoneringnet that that movie will be filming in New Zealand next year appears to be just rumor as well for now. Although again, the films probable star appearing to take a very very long plane trip with her family and move somewhere far far away for an extended period, would certainly seem to indicate she is filming something in New Zealand or Australia. Whether it is Lord of The Rings, which has already been filming without her, or Resident Evil which as of April was meant to begin filming in June, or something else, is unclear. It was reported earlier this year that the film was planned to be in Canada or Serbia when it does start (also previously reported by Daniel and other sites).

But of course, in this crazy time, and a pandemic to deal with, clearly plans can change, and a big budget film once planned to begin in June in Canada or Serbia, could certainly change to a safer seeming New Zealand a bit later in the year.

So while I am very intrigued by the evidence, I’m afraid the jury is still out with me on whether or not Kaya Scodelario is in The Lord of The Rings series. I assume we might get a better idea from her Instagram or the trades any day now tho.

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