‘Marvel’s Avengers’ Tops US & UK Pre-Order Charts

Avengers has been quite an interesting game to follow. It has been smeared with controversy since the reveal that Spider-Man would be a PlayStation exclusive character. No matter where one stands on the matter, it paid off as a marketing strategy. Shortly after the announcement, sales on Amazon UK skyrocketed with it shooting up by 188% in sales for the regular edition. It also saw an increase of 133% for the deluxe edition. This placed the game firmly at #10 and #19 respectively a few weeks ago. This is the reason they took this route and the controversy pushes the word-of-mouth even stronger.

Even after the discussion around the game has calmed down, sales did not slow down for this game. People got a chance to play the game during the Beta and there were theories on how this could affect the sales of the game. Well, looks like the game got another boost. Sadly we can’t see the sales rankings this time. Still, Marvel’s Avengers now sits comfortably at #1 and #6 of the UK sales charts for PlayStation 4.


Those wondering if it crashed over on Xbox One. The game is sitting at a pretty great #3. The ranking leaders FIFA 21 and PGA Tour 2K21 are sports games, which are generally strong sellers. It was commonly the most consistent seller back when I even worked in the gaming retail industry. Only the Deluxe Edition is further down at #19 as of writing this article.


Amazon US is hiding its list but to draw a comparison, the PS4 version of the game sits at #2 over at Best Buy. This is only beaten by another sports entry NBA 2K21 Mamba Forever Edition that releases the same day. Once again, the Deluxe Edition isn’t far behind comfortably placed at #5. As this list includes all versions, the Avengers on the Xbox is also in the top ten. Even locally here in Austria, I interviewed a local electronics retailer and they confirmed that a lot was ordered due to the high demand. No matter where one stands regarding the controversies, Avengers is an interesting prospect for casual fans. Who doesn’t want to play as their favorite character? We are only a few weeks away and I personally cannot wait to experience the game.

Source: PlayStation, Reddit via WhatCulture, Amazon UK (PS4), Amazon UK (Xbox), Best Buy

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