Tobey Maguire’s Spider-Man Spotted in a New ‘Spider-Man: No Way Home’ Promo

maguire no way home

At this rate, we#re going to see Spider-Man everywhere. Twitter user @dominic_kravitz shared a new promo for Spider-Man: No Way Home that advertises a new toy for dogs from the brand BARK. In it, we get a pretty cool visual (that should’ve been one of the posters) with Spider-Man in the forefront of a Daily Bugle newspaper. Yet, once you start looking closer some things don’t quite add up as the<y should.

Now, what stands out is that the version of Daily Bugle is showcased in the version used in Tobey Maguire‘s run as the character. Ironically, if you take a closer look, the head of Maguire’s Spider-Man suit is hidden away in the far right corner once again adding to the discussion of his eventual appearance.

His costume certainly matches with Maguires due to the heavy emphasis of the costume’s webbing. It’s a staple of his costume and even stands out in a black and white image. Just yesterday, we already had a tease in the form of the latest TV Spot, where Doctor Strange goes out of his way to confirm that Doc Ock doesn’t recognize Tom Holland‘s Peter Parker outside of his suit.

So, the evidence is continuing to grow about his appearance and we’re only a few more weeks away until the third entry of MCU’s take on the web crawler releases in theaters. Let’s see if Sony continues to tease us in the coming weeks. Still no sign of Andrew Garfield though.

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