Former Pink Power Ranger Amy Jo Johnson Directing an Episode of ‘Superman and Lois’ Season 2

superman and lois season 2

Here’s a great surprise. It looks like Amy Jo Johnson is currently directing an episode of the CW’s Superman and Lois show. If that name seems familiar, Johnson became famous as Kimberly Hart, the Pink Ranger from the original Mighty Morphin Power Rangers. She has long moved on from that role and has been quite busy directing short films. She has also tackled feature-length productions, such as include 2017’s The Space Between and 2019’s Tammy’s Always Dying. Now, she is also joining the production of one of CW’s flagship DC shows, as she shares her excitement on Twitter.

It’s great to see her excitement for tackling the project and it looks like she is responsible for the sixth episode in the upcoming second season. She has made quite a name for herself with her film projects, especially during 2019’s Toronto International Film Festival with Tammy’s Always Dying. If she is tackling this project, it’ll be interesting to see if she’ll become a mainstay for future entries in the series and if she might even get a chance to tackle other projects from DC’s library.

Superman and Lois has been one of CW’s strongest showings, as it’s also co-produced by HBO Max. As such, the effects and production stand out from the other entries in their repertoire similar to Stargirl. It’ll also carry on the torch for the now discontinued Supergirl, which first introduced Tyler Hoechlin as this universe’s Superman. It’ll be interesting to see how they tackle the family drama for the Man of Steel in the second season and what the future has in store for this family.

Source: Twitter

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