New ‘The Batman’ Merchandise Offers New Look at Paul Dano’s Riddler

the batman riddler

The Riddler has been one of Batman’s greatest rogues ever since the character debuted in Detective Comics #140 back in 1948. He was famous for his mind, one that rivaled even the wit of the caped crusader, putting his detective skills to the test in a constant storm of riddles that all lead back to Edward. When word got out that actor Paul Dano would be playing the character, fans were stricken with joy. The actor’s performances in Prisoners and There Will be Blood made him the perfect choice for a cunning as well as obsessed Riddler.

The DC FanDome trailer offered a brief glimpse at the character’s redesign. Luckily, new merchandise from the upcoming film offers a closer look at Dano‘s Riddler, which was previously shrouded in thick shadows. The calendar includes a closeup of the character’s mask. It is a complete reinvention of the Batman rogue. He is famous for his green question-mark-covered clothing, domino mask, and top hat. Modern renditions ditched most of those staples, and he would reduce his wardrobe to a green shirt. This rendition of the character is sporting a full face mask, only revealing his eyes. The image reveals that he is wearing glasses underneath those goggles. 



More graphics from the merchandise include a few more Riddler-centric months. They include the phrases “My Life has Been a Riddle” and “Unmask the Truth,” hinting at a new angle for the character. In a scene from the trailer, we hear him tell Bruce that “He’s a part of this,” adding to that theory. It feels like he could act as an anti-hero in a city like Gotham, where crime and corruption know no better home. Could this version of the Riddler be a byproduct of that society, which uses violent methods to expose the dark secrets Gothams held for years to come?

Of course, the merchandise won’t give away every secret the film has in store for us. We cannot wait to see this rendition of the character and what Dano has to offer for the interpretation. It looks like the character has an ulterior motive that may tie directly into Bruce Wayne’s family heritage. We’ve theorized there might be a connection to build up Scott Snyder‘s Court of Owls storyline, which you can read here. Hopefully, in the coming months, we’ll get a new trailer offering a closer glimpse at what the future may hold.

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