New ‘Resident Evil Village’ Trailer Explores the Vampire Castle

resident evil village

Resident Evil is celebrating its 25th anniversary. There were some smaller reveals, such as some unique gear for The Division 2. It seems that a multiplayer game is also being added to Resident Evil Village for free, which includes characters from the latest installments. I never really imagined we’d get a third-person Call of Duty clone for the horror franchise. Of course, we were anticipating the latest update for the eighth installment of the franchise. Early trailers already teased a very different game that included werewolves and, what seemed to be, vampires. Well, the latest trailer builds on that and offers some small tidbits of gameplay as well.



Resident Evil has been quite busy with their releases. After the successful launch of VII, which surprised players with its new first-person perspective, they’ve released remakes of their second and third installments. These games took the franchise back to its roots. It offered a nice change of pace, as Village revealed to continue where its predecessor left off. In a way, it would allow Capcom to please old and new fans of the franchise. We once again take control of Ethan Winters, who will be facing some rather unlikely foes. The latest trailer took a closer look at the castle and its inhabitants.

The environments look beautiful with the gothic design, and the overall design does remind me of the game’s fourth entry. Surprisingly, they only teased Chris Redfield, whose role is still uncertain. It is great to see Capcom move away from what we are used to while still embracing what made the franchise iconic. As much as I loved the seventh entry, I think the monster’s design was a bit of a letdown. Of course, the family was a highlight, but the strange black goo creatures got quite repetitive. So, embracing a new twist on vampires and werewolves promises some unique action.

Source: IGN, YouTube

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