New ‘Wakanda Forever’ Merch Showcases the Film’s Main Cast & New Logo for Namor

black panther merch

Black Panther: Wakanda Forever is closer than ever, and it looks like Marvel Studios is pushing its marketing into overdrive. We’ve already gotten some teases of the main cast and even Iornheart’s more comic-accurate costume in the past but it seems some more merchandise has found its way online through @MCU_Facility on Twitter.

It doesn’t offer much new but does once again highlight the designs of the various main characters. The latest addition is a pin for what could be a logo for the Atlanteans, or the Marvel Cinematic Universe take on it. Namor is prominently showcased wearing a Jaguar-inspired crown and it does seem like they are sticking to that very design as part of their logo.

The Jaguar shouting as part of its design could be a showcase of Narmor’s people being on the attack in the upcoming project but likely also just an easier way to add a distinguishing factor between the offered designs. Black Panther’s logo is a different style altogether and it’s great to see how Marvel is using the character’s in-universe mythology inspired by the real-world to add some distinguishing designs.

Riri Williams is also prominently showcased and gets her own logo, which is likely the updated Arc Reactor version of her armor’s heart piece. It’s distinctive enough with the heart shape form and what looks like a rabbit design on top. It’s still unclear what her role will be in the film but it’s certainly interesting how big of a part she has in the film’s promotion. Perhaps we’ll get a tease of her proto-armor in the next trailer.

Source: Twitter

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