‘Avatar’ Earns $3.5M Internationally in Re-Release

avatar rerelease

As Avatar begins its official theatrical re-release in the United States, the James Cameron-directed film has thus far earned over $3.5 million in the international box office. The film has so far been released in 37 different global markets. In relation to other theatrical re-releases, Avatar has earned 57% more than Star Wars: The Phantom Menace did at this point in 2012. Though it has underperformed by 29% in comparison to the 3D release of James Cameron’s other financial juggernaut in Titanic during 2012’s Easter season.

The relaunch of Avatar in movie theaters comes just under three months before the highly anticipated sequel project Avatar: The Way of Water arrives. To help drum up interest in the re-release, the original Avatar film has been temporarily removed from the Disney+ streaming platform. The results of this attempt to drum up interest in the franchise could be an indicator of how The Way of Water will be received by audiences by December of this year.

After well over a decade, questions were had about if Avatar would indeed have any future installments. However, audiences should prepare for an onslaught of new films in the franchise with three additional films arriving in 2024, 2026, and 2028 respectively.

Avatar: The Way of Water is set to open theatrically on December 16, 2022, and stars Sam Worthington, Zoe Saldana, Sigourney Weaver, Stephen Lang, and Kate Winslet.

Source: Deadline

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