Official Japanese Marvel Site Removed ‘What If…?’ and ‘Secret Invasion’ From 2022 Line-Up

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Just last week we reported on the official Japanese Marvel site that included an overview of its 2022 Disney+ and film slate. What surprised us was the inclusion of Secret Invasion and What If…? Season 2, as both were not announced for that year. Especially with their placement, it seemed like we’d have six Disney+ series premiering in just one year. Interestingly enough, the site has been updated and those two series have been removed. Not only that, but they also seemingly adapted the order of release.

When we first reported it, the line-up seemed quite deliberate with Moon Knight ahead of Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness. She-Hulk was then placed after that film’s release, which implied it would also follow in May or June. Now, the order has Ms. Marvel ahead of She-Hulk, but the films are given their own separate location. So, either they accidentally uploaded it in the wrong order, or things have shuffled around. Moon Knight even has its March 30th release date included now, but with Ms. Marvel planned for the summer, She-Hulk might not release until November.

Marvel Studios has been known for their steady output of content and with films has always been ver upfront about when they will release. Disney+ has been a very different experience, as they don’t truly advertise a show’s release until around two months in advance. While no one expects concrete release dates, it’s been strange we haven’t gotten release windows for some of the shows, especially when Ms. Marvel was originally going to be a 2021 release. The pandemic has affected productions quite a bit and could be a factor, but we still know very little about their plans for this year. We’ll have to see if we get more information as the year goes on.

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