Marvel Studios Seeking Mayan Warriors for ‘Black Panther 2’

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Marvel Studios has been quite busy since the New Year started. We finally got our first Disney+ show from the studio with WandaVision. There is still a lot of uncertainty if Black Widow will get released in May after being delayed by an entire year. They just released a brand new trailer for Falcon and the Winter Soldier, as other projects are slowly entering production. It looks like one secret Marvel project has started its casting process, as POC Culture has learned that one Marvel Studios film is looking to cast two Mayan characters. They also confirm that this isn’t for a Disney+ series but a film project, a fact we can also verify.

Marvel Studios casting director Sarah Finn is on the search for actors to portray characters named” Zyanya” and “Cadmael” in strong supporting roles.  Zyanya gets described as a fierce warrior whose actress should have a background in fighting and dance. The role of Cadmael is seeking someone above six feet tall, who is strong and loyal. There are no established Marvel Comics characters with these names, so as usual these are likely codenames. They are open to accepting actors with North and South American indigenous backgrounds for these roles.

The timing of this casting matches Black Panther 2 upcoming production start in July. There was also the rumor that Namor and Atlantis might play a role in the upcoming sequel, so, we may get to visit other cultures that are hiding from the outside world. Perhaps the history of the underwater city is directly tied to Mayan culture. Either way, it’s great to see the diverse casting continue by Marvel Studios, as they seek to represent indigenous voices in their future projects.

Source: POC Culture

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