Kamala Khan Will Go ‘Beyond the Limit’ in a New Ms. Marvel Series This December

Ms. Marvel goes beyond the limits in a brand new series hitting shelves this December from writer Samira Ahmend and artist Andrés Genolet.

Kamala Khan will go beyond the limit in a brand new series launching this December.

On Friday, Marvel Comics unveiled the first look at the forthcoming series. Ms. Marvel: Beyond the Limit is set after an explosion of interdimensional proportions at her cousin’s lab in Chicago. As Kamala’s world is turned upside down, and into a Bollywood set, she finds her powers are on the fritz. Unfortunately, it’ll be a race against the clock to figure out what is going on.

The new series hails from New York Times best-selling author Samira Ahmend (Love, Hate and Other Filters) and features art by Runaways artist Andrés Genolet. The series will “carry Kamala to new heights” as she dives deeper into her powers and what ultimately makes her a hero.

You can check out a sneak-peek at the forthcoming title in the below slideshow.

“We’re definitely going to have some food in there, we’re definitely gonna have some pretty striking South Asian cultural elements that people are gonna see right off the bat in the series,” Ahmed said. “There are gonna be some familiar faces and fan favorites, but also some new faces… Willow and then Saladin have created such an incredible world. I’m just excited to explore it and even push it out a little further.”

MS MARVEL: BEYOND THE LIMIT will hit shelves on Dec. 8.

Source: Marvel

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