Disney Working on Live-Action ‘Aristocats’ Film

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Disney has been quite obsessed with bringing their many animated projects to live-action. They even made an entirely CG film based on The Lion King, which was still treated as a live-action adaptation due to the photorealism. Yet, they also used real animals for the Disney+ adaptation of Lady and the Tramp It looks like they have set their eyes on another project mostly focused on animals in the form of Aristocats. A new piece has revealed that Will Gluck and Keith Bunin are writing the script for a live-action take on the 1970’s animated film.

The original story was about a family of cats living in Paris that were thrown out of their home by a jealous butler, as they were set to inherit everything from their wealthy owner. With the help of a tomcat, they make their way home and meet some colorful characters along the way. The project is in very early development but there are hints it’ll be closer to Lady and the Tramp rather than a fully animated adaptation like The Lion King.

The original has some questionable characters in it that will definitely be rewritten, but there’s a good story here to revisit and even expand potentially. If they are going for the style that is hinted at, it’ll be impressive for them to get cats to play along to bring the project to life. I am especially curious how they might tackle the musical scenes if they are included at all. Not every live-action adaptation has embraced the musical aspects, but it wouldn’t be the same without “Everyone wants to be a cat” at one point in the film.

Source: Deadline

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