‘One Piece’ Director Open to Return for a Potential Season 2

one piece season 2

Director Marc Jobst has collected quite an impressive filmography over the years with his work on Daredevil, Luke Cage, The Punisher, Black Sails, The Witcher, Hannibal, and more. Now, he’s added the first two episodes of the new One Piece series that was released last week and has managed to gather quite a positive reception after many feared it would fall into the usual pitfalls of live-action adaptations of anime and manga.

Now, after hyping up the show quite a bit with a variety of postings, the director shared with The Streamr that he’s definitely excited to return for a second season and he’d love to get a chance to work with everyone involved once again. He also highlights that they “did some service int he community” as part of their stay in South Africa while filming.

Oh, listen, of course, I want to come back. You know, I love this show. I love the actors. Hugely we bonded we worked, we rehearsed. We played silly games, we did some service in the community. You know, we worked together to kind of build trust, and there’s no way I’d like to let that go. Just like that. So yes, it sounds to do that.

Marc Jobst

He definitely had a hand in defining the way the show came together, which isn’t an easy task considering what they set out to adapt into live-action. The love for the close-up lens was certainly an interesting artistic choice that sometimes could’ve been toned down, the show is visually unique from most projects that are out there, especially in how they had to approach each episode as its own self-contained story that expands into a bigger one.

Source: The Streamr

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