3 New ‘Silent Hill’ Titles in Development

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Just recently, we shared leaked photos from what is supposedly the new mainline Silent Hill revival. It’s been quite a long time since the last entry in the franchise, which was Silent Hill: Downfall back in 2012. So, many have been hoping to see one of the most influential horror franchises make a grand return, and it seems that Konami is cooking up quite a bit for the franchise’s revival.

According to Video Game Chronicles, there are currently not one but three games in development. This adds to recent leaks by journalist Jeff Grubb and influencer NateTheHate adding to the possibility of these projects in development. It seems that Bloober is the one working actively on one of the new Silent Hill entries. This may be a remake of Silent Hill 2 is in some form of development, which will feature “reworked AI, animations, puzzles and several new endings” with a PlayStation exclusive release planned for a limited time.

In addition, we have a new mainline game and an episodic series of “short stories” in some form of development. It seems Until Dawn’s Supermassive might have been in talks before creating the concept for the Dark Pictures anthology. Annapurna Interactive may now be the one involved with the new episode project, but there have seemingly been many in some form of discussion. For now, there’s hope we could see something later this year.

Source: VGC

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