David Tennant Spotted in Newly Leaked ‘Doctor Who’ Set Photos

doctor who set photos

Shortly after the announcement dropped that not only will David Tennant return to Doctor Who alongside Catherine Tate, we’ve already gotten our first look at his Doctor on the set for the new season. What stands out is that we see him alongside the 13th’s TARDIS, which may hint at it possibly being the 10th Doctor catching up with Jodie Whitaker’s version or he may actually be an in-between regeneration before Ncuti Gatwa takes on the role. The photos are shared by Twitter user @_PigginTeaBreak.

There’s also another shot featuring Tennant in a new coat, or it may just be a better close-up of the one he was wearing, which was obscured due to the distance the photos were taken, as shared by @BadWolfArchives.

There’s a lot we don’t know yet about what the new season of Doctor Who will have in store for us. It almost seems like it’ll be a crossover of multiple versions of the Doctor meeting each other, similar to the 50th anniversary. yet, they could also take it into a different direction and Tennant becomes an in-between version where he returns to an identity of an older version of himself. While it’s not something that has been done before, it would create a unique position for this new generation of Doctor to switch between older versoins of himself.

Source: Twitter

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