‘One Piece’ Overtakes ‘Ahsoka’ as Most In-Demand Series of Q3

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Star Wars seems like it could dethrone any franchise even if Disney+ has fewer subscribers than the streaming giant that is Netflix. So, many different metrics can showcase the success of a project in this modern data-based world. It’s getting more and more difficult as people online swing wildly with analytics and data points to showcase just how big a project truly is or not. Still, there’s always something interesting that pops up now and then to tease just how big a new project might be in this streaming age.

For Netflix, it seems they won the third quarter with their latest live-action anime adaptation; a far cry from where they were when Cowboy Bebop was released last year. The winner in Q3 according to an analysis from The Wrap is One Piece, which even managed to pull in a bigger interest in the US throughout its first 30 days in comparison to Ahsoka, The Boys spinoff Gen V, and the latest The Walking Dead spinoff.

We know that the series was big enough to get a second season (and hopefully gets the opportunity to grow even more beyond given just how much there is to explore from the original manga series). However, seeing just how big the adaptation of Eiichiro Oda’s iconic series has become in the States is a showcase of just how universal the storyline is. Hopefully, they will be able to move forward fast and start filming to avoid losing the audience’s interest due to long waits in between seasons. So, we’ll see how fast the franchise starts moving forward.

Source: The Wrap

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