Paramount’s ‘Yellowstone’ Footprint Expands with New Prequel, ‘1932’, More Episodes of ‘1883’

The story of the Dutton family will continue to be cornerstone content for Paramount +. With a fifth season of Yellowstone recently greenlit and 6666 spinoff in development, the studio revealed today that more content is on the way.

According to an official release, 2022 will see the debut of “the next chapter” of the Yellowstone prequel 1883 and the development of an all-new prequel, 1932. Whether the next chapter of 1883 refers to a second season or simply more episodes of the current season, which was expected to be a 10-episode run concluding on February 27th, was not made clear in the announcement. The series, which stars Tim McGraw, Faith Hill and Isabel May as the ancestors of Kevin Costner’s Yellowstone character, John Dutton, tells the story of how the Dutton family came to be in possession of the land which came to be the Yellowstone Ranch.

The new prequel, 1932, will tell the tale of, presumably, the next generation of Duttons post-1883 as they deal with Westward expansion, the Great Depression and the Prohibition era.

The new prequel order comes as fans seemingly can’t get enough of the Duttons and their story. The fourth season of Yellowstone recently finished its run and drew incredible numbers. The increased viewership led directly to the success of 1883’s first season and now it seems the Yellowstone-verse is upon us.

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