RUMOR: ‘Hawkeye’s Next 2 Episodes Eyeing Shorter Runtime

hawkeye runtime

Disney+ series has quite the flexible runtime from episode to episode. Not only do we have to take into account that there are also quite a few minutes included for credits, but each series doesn’t force each episode to follow a specific runtime structure. The first two episodes of Hawkeye were quite extensive and it looks like the next two entries might be going for a shorter runtime.

Insider Amit Chaudhari has shared a new tweet hinting that the next two episodes will run for around 80 minutes combined. That is quite a bit different from the first two, which ran for 50 and 52 minutes. Keep in mind, these are not the full length of the actual story but also include the credits. So, the actual story part might be closer to around 35 minutes each. Of course, it’s uncertain how exact these numbers are and it could just be a general hint rather than the exact runtime.

While Marvel Studios has set a benchmark for their different types, such as dramas focusing on one-hour episodes and comedies moving closer to 30-minutes, they never forced a specific runtime on their talent. So, it’s great that they try to make each episode work at its own speed and we’ll see if the short runtime might be a hint at more action taking place. We already got a tease in the Disney+ Day MCU special. So, we’ll see how the episodes build upon each other.

Source: Twitter

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