RUMOR: ‘Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order’ Sequel’s Title Potentially Revealed

jedi fallen order sequel

Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order was quite a unique experience, as the developers took some inspiration from Dark Souls and used similar mechanics in a Star Wars game. We follow the story of Cal Kestis, who is on the run after having lived through Order 66 when he was a young Padawan and is now faced with the Inquisitors. We’ve still waited for some kind of update on the sequel, but a new rumor may have given us at least the title for the sequel.

Gaming insider Jeff Grub asked some of his Twitch users what they believe the title might end up being, and it turns out colonelsanders21 was the right one to guess it, as Grubb went on to reveal that the title will be Star Wars Jedi: Survivor. He was the first to hint that a reveal for the sequel would follow at some point this month. So, we’ll see if more follows soon.


Source: Twitch via The Direct

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