Kathleen Kennedy Hints That ‘Rangers of the New Republic’ is Possibly Shelved

rangers of the new republic

Sadly, it seems that we might finally have more information surrounding the mysterious Star Wars project, Rangers of the New Republic. It was proudly shared alongside their other The Mandalorian spin-offs during Disney’s Investors Day last year. Yet, we’ve heard very little about the project. What didn’t help matters was that its original star, Gina Carano, faced quite a bit of backlash for her actions on social media. Her contract with Lucasfilm was swiftly ended and it seemed like the series was going to look for a new leading star.

Well, a new statement by Kathleen Kennedy in the new Empire magazine may have put the final nail on the coffin. Luckily, someone was kind enough to share a scan of the latest issue where the Lucasfilm CEO states that there is currently no script prepared for the series. While she doesn’t straight out confirm it is canceled, it seems likely they have no plans to enter pre-production at any time.

We’d never written any scripts or anything on that. Some of that will figure into future episodes, I’m sure, of the next iteration of Mandalorian.

Kathleen Kennedy

It’s the final statement that some story elements may get integrated into the next season of Mandalorian may be the definitive statement that they have no interest to continue the series as it was originally envisioned. Quite the shame, as insight into how the galaxy has been rebuilding after the end of the Empire. There’s a lot of potentials to explore this storyline and its conflict with the remnants of a once tyrannical regime. So, maybe later down the line they find a way to make it work.

Source: Empire via Imgur, ComicBook.com

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