Netflix Mapping Out Multiple Films and TV Series for a ‘Power Rangers’ Cinematic Universe

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Netflix has been quite busy with its various ventures on expanding its available intellectual properties. After releasing their first of many live-action anime adaptations with Cowboy Bebop, the streaming giant is already setting its eyes on another popular franchise. In a new report by Deadline, they’ve shared that Jonathan Entwistle is still working on a Power Rangers Cinematic Universe for the streamer. They currently are working on not one but multiple series and movies that’ll interweave the iconic franchise.

Sadly, they are still shy about going into detail about how far along they are, as we first heard about Entwistle‘s involvement back in October 2020. While many cinematic universes have failed in the past, most notable Universal’s attempt at a modern Dark Universe, Power Rangers has been an interconnected series since the Mighty Morphin days. So, it’s quite a perfect choice for the concept. The recent boom in popularity with the aptly named Boom comics has also utilized a multiversal storyline for the Shattered Grid storyline. So, they might be building towards that event by having multiple teams exist throughout different dimensions.

Bryan Edward is currently busy writing the script for one of the films. It may be the project to kick off the other projects and spin-out into multiple series. Some time ago, we learned that the story was going to explore time travel, which perfectly leads to the introduction of multiple Power Ranger teams and even foreshadows a major threat. It was smart of Netflix to enlist Entwistle as showrunner for all projects, as he’ll have a similar role to Kevin Feige for Marvel Studios. Here’s hoping we don’t have to wait much longer for san actual production update.

Source: Deadline

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