EXCLUSIVE: Every ‘Moon Knight’ Easter Egg is Intentional Says Production Designer

Easter eggs can oftentimes be a double-edged sword for fans. In the case of Wandavision, the rabid hunting of easter eggs from fans proved to be a source of weekly disappointment. And because Moon Knight is a similar mystery box, fans are debating heavily whether an object onscreen is an easter egg or just a coincidence to avoid disappointment. For example, the Kang logo on one of the bad guys’ shirts.

In our interview with the show’s production designer Stefania Cella, she revealed that every easter egg fans see on screen is intentional and not a happy coincidence.

All deliberate. There are no accidents. Marvel is very cautious and very aware of what are the [easter eggs]. That was an educating curve for me; what [easter eggs] can be involved and what are the things to leave out. There are the usual easter eggs for comic lovers. I put them in there personally.

Whether those easter eggs are purely aesthetic or a teaser of what’s to come, it’s nice to see the amount of detail put into the show. Compared to Wandavision where the people making it admitted that some of them weren’t intentional (the aerospace engineer, for example), the people making Moon Knight seemed to have learned from Marvel Studios’ previous mistakes.

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